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Chelsea Joy Arganbright

Fascinated by the human experience of psychological wellbeing, modern and traditional healing modalities, spiritual integration and nature connection. The interplay between these concepts is something which has been integral on my own academic, personal and professional journey. 

After completing a BA in Sociology and MA in Urban Planning with thesis research on the psychological impact of biophilic design on wellness, I undertook Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 and immediately utilised my academic knowledge and passion to develop and facilitate classes and workshops for local government, primary schools, rehabilitation centres and private businesses. 


Contracted by The City of Gosnells and Women's Health Services to run these programs, I led groups of disadvantaged women and their children, young adults living with disabilities, children at government-run primary schools, and for prisoners re-emerging into society. Mindfulness, personal development, meditation, yoga, breathwork, group sharing, somatic work and core beliefs work were tools utilised in these classes and workshops. 

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The University of California, Santa Cruz Campus

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with elective focus on the individual human experience in the context of society. 3.8 GPA Magna cum Laude Honours.


The University of Melbourne

Scholarship: International Coursework Award.

Master's of Urban Planning with choice of one year research thesis on Biophilic Design's role in supporting the mental and physiological health of individuals and the wider community. Scroll down to view thesis.


+61 491 633 591

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