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To Eat the Stars | 19 Years Old | California

In the opulent voided presence of this vast, prodigious sky the milky atmosphere curdling in my bones The planets, like salient orbs sing down to me their harmony, softly sweet The blue lucidity is a reflective pool that cradles light and transcendence, its cataclysm seeps down into my eyes illuminating my mind You hallucinate reality now this cold that feels like warmth

this obscurely architected illusion Its long, cold fingers reach out for you from these darkening azure skies, enfolding you and blurring your ways This hand that commandeers them places cover upon your eyes, obstructing your reality and chants it's melody, a sweet, devastating lullaby, and rocks you into sleep a long, dreamless sleep. 19 Years Old - 24/5/2008 by ~AMomentInTime

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